ANALYSIS | SA’s toxic triad invades Senekal: Rampant violence, broken justice, cynical politics

On Tuesday, the full South African crisis played itself out in the eastern Free State. It saw the convergence of violent crime; a broken criminal justice system and politics mix into an almost fatal and impossible flood of hopelessness and anger, writes Pieter du Toit.

No one deserves to die like young Brendin Horner did last week in the district of Paul Roux in the eastern Free State.

He was found in the early hours of Friday, strung up on a steel corner post on the farm where he works as a manager, with a belt and rope around his neck. Reports indicate his face was seriously injured, he had stab wounds to his body and the damage to his hands indicate he fought furiously to stay alive. He was murdered the night before, on Thursday, and his body hung in the dark from the post until first light.

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