Aussie woman wins fight to see dying mom

By Duncan Guy Oct 10, 2020

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Durban – KZN-born and bred Australian Heather Stone, who has battled with lockdown bureaucracy on both sides of the Indian Ocean to see her dying mother, is expected to arrive in Durban tomorrow.

The Melbourne schoolteacher has been on a mission to get permission on compassionate grounds for more than two months, adapting to changing South African visa requirements.She has also been confined to within 5km of her home and faced Australian inter-state travel restrictions.

“I now feel an expert in so many fields after researching all the requirements,” she said. “I can tell you now, I have ‘got’ the international travel scenario and I understand it.

“I was talking to the travel agent today and it seems that I know more than them. I was talking to the doctors yesterday and today about a Covid test to meet travel regulations. It seemed I knew more than the doctors knew about a requirement for a Covid test.”

While Stone’s priority is to see her mother, Gill Gordon, another battle lies ahead. That is, getting back home to Australia, which has strict quarantine requirements.

“I guess we all got used to living with a bit of certainty. Now there is such uncertainty,” said Stone.

The Independent on Saturday

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