Bill Murray Gives The Paranoid Life Advice You Totally Need

Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday asked Bill Murray to dispense some life advice because the actor turned 70 recently ― and Murray did not disappoint. (See the interview below.)

The “On the Rocks” star declared via his Snoopy phone: “Someone is watching you.”

“If you last long enough, that you’ve been smart enough and clever enough to get there, [then] there’s something that someone has been watching,” Murray told the host. “Someone is watching you all the time anyway. Someone watching you will pick up something. So you have to be careful. If you’re going to live a long time, you better know that people are gonna be watching you and making notes, taking notes.”

Kimmel asked Murray just who that “someone” is.

Watch the segment at the 3:08 mark for his answer.

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