Africa: Israel Tells Malawi to Meddle in Middle East Politics

Israel has told Malawi to confront Iran for allegedly sponsoring terrorists who attack the Jewish state, according to the Times of Israel.

Israel’s foreign minister Gabi Ashkenazi said this on Tuesday in Israel when he held a joint press conference with his Malawian counterpart, Eisenhower Mkaka.

Ashkenazi also requested Malawi to publicly outlaw the Tehran backed Lebanese organization, Hezbollah which Israel, US and other Western countries label as a terrorist organisation.

Mkaka did not immediately respond to the issues raised by Ashkenazi during the press conference.

However, Ashkenazi hailed Malawi’s decision to open an embassy in Jerusalem, making Malawi the first African country to do so and the third in the world after the US and Guatamala.

Ashkenazi pledged his country’s help in Malawi’s development programs.

“We will help Malawi build a better future, for the next generation,” he said.

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, also hailed Malawi’s decision to have a mission in Jerusalem.

“Thank you, Malawi, for recognizing the historic truth that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people and the state of Israel,” he says in a tweet.

Malawi, mostly a Christian country, has no embassy in Israel and Israel’s ambassador to Malawi is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

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