Boris Johnson warns of ‘tough tough weeks to come’ with stricter measures to be announced

The NHS will be able to cope with two million vaccines per week if AstraZeneca can supply them, the organisations medical director has said.

Prof Stephen Powis, speaking from Oxford where Brian Pinker has just received the first Oxford/AZ vaccine, said: “We are going to get this out as quickly as possible. We need to get the supplies through.

“This is a new vaccine. AstraZeneca are ramping up producing and batches will be coming through.

“We have half a million to come. If we get two million per week, our aim is to get two million into people’s arms a week. 

“We have been preparing in the NHS for months to deliver the biggest vaccination programme in out history and I am confident we will be able to do that.”

Asked whether the NHS has enough staff to administer the vaccine, Prof Powis said: “Assuming the supply is there, we do have the workforce available. We want to minimise the bureaucracy people will go through, to ensure people volunteer.

“We want people to come forward. We are still looking for people because we want to get this into people’s arms very quickly.”

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